Time Capsule Opening

St Albans Community Centre Time Capsule

Published on Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 2:01 p.m. Print Article

On Friday 14 September, Molly and I went with Mr Atherton to the Papanui Community Library to see a time capsule be opened.

To begin with, a lady unscrewed the screws. We all got to take out a screw but one wouldn’t come out, so a child from St Albans School got to put on gloves and remove the lid.

The first item was the Lyttelton Times newspaper. It had some ads, some marriage notices and some criminals wanted by the police.

The second object was a message in a bottle. We could open the bottle, but we could not get the message out.

The last item was The Press, another newspaper. Both the dates on the newspapers were Saturday, July 31, 1920.

All of the items were 98 years old. The time capsule was a wooden box that was made by a local company that still is located in St Albans today, Hardie and Thomson Ltd.

By Kate

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