Religious Education Term 1 2021

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Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ has forgiven you.”

Ephesians 4:32



Virtue Focus for Term 1

Forgiveness  ~ Murua ngā hara

 “I show forgiveness when I give someone another chance after they have done something wrong, knowing that everyone makes mistakes. I own up when I am at fault and make amends.”


What is Forgiveness?

Being forgiving is giving someone another chance after they have something wrong, knowing that everyone makes mistakes. It is important to forgive yourself, too, so you stop feeling hopeless because of a mistake. Forgiveness is moving ahead, ready to act differently with compassion for yourself and faith that you can change.

How do you practise it?

v Remember that everyone makes mistakes.

v Take responsibility for your own mistakes.

v Make amends if you have hurt someone.

v Be forgiving when others make mistakes.

v Be a friend when someone needs a friend

Dear Parents/Caregivers


The main strand to be taught is “Jesus ~ Hehu Karaiti” (outlined on the next page). Lessons on the Liturgical seasons of Lent, Holy Week and Easter will also be covered.


Ash Wednesday: Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of LENT. Due to COVID-19 - Alert Level 2 restrictions we were unable to celebrate Mass. However, all classes spent time in prayer in the chapel. Well done to the students who were able to fast today and go without some of their lunch.


Caritas ~ Lent in Schools

The theme for Lent 2021 is A New Way Forward. In our changing world we all need to work together to find a new way forward to transform our world into one that promotes love, hope and justice for all.


10 Cent Tuesdays ~ On Tuesdays, the children are encouraged to bring 10 cent coins (or any amount) to donate to the Caritas Lenten appeal. A little often soon adds up! Ideally, they will be generous with their own money or undertake extra chores at home to earn money to share.  Caritas Aotearoa NZ is the New Zealand Catholic Bishops' agency for justice, peace and development and is involved in various projects around the world that support the most vulnerable people facing poverty and injustice. Your generous donations to Caritas will help support others who need it most.


Friday Masses: Every Friday at 9am Mass is celebrated in our school chapel and classes take turns attending. It would be great if parents were able to take the opportunity to join their child’s class to experience the prayerful space we have been blessed with.


God bless, Catherine Quinn, DRS


The key concepts of the Jesus ~ Hehu Karaiti Strand to be covered by each class:




Jesus – Hehu Karaiti Strand Summary


Jesus My Friend

Catholics believe that Jesus is both human and divine. As a human, Jesus was born into a particular culture, lived in a certain location in a precise time in history. To appreciate Jesus' messages we need to know the realities of his life. In learning about his friendship with his disciples, we can become friends with him today. Family/Whanau Book Pg.17


Jesus Showed His Love in Different Ways

Jesus showed his respect and love for people in many ways - talking, listening, sharing, touching, healing and dying, for them. We are called to follow Jesus' example. We can learn about how Jesus lived by reading stories in the Bible. Family/Whanau Book Pg.20


Jesus Gives Himself in the Eucharist

We can give thanks to God for Jesus by joining in the Eucharist. Eucharist helps us to grow in grace and recognise Jesus' presence in the gathering of his people, ministers and Word. Above all, people recognise him in the transformed bread and wine. Family/Whanau Book Pg. 23


Jesus came to show people how to live and lead them to God

Jesus invites people to grow closer to God by sharing in his life through the gift of God's grace. By accepting this invitation people share in Jesus' mission of worshipping God and bringing about the Kingdom or Reign of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Family/Whanau Book Pg.20


The Fullness of God's Revelation

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, revealed to the world that God is Abba - loving Father. In his mission on earth Jesus called on people to repent, through the grace of the Holy Spirit and to live lives of faith, hope and love. Jesus' whole life was a response of love for God and for people. Family/Whanau Book Pg.32


School Masses and Liturgical Celebrations

March 12: Year 5 and 6 students will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation


Classes will be attending 9am Mass on Fridays:

Week 3: Rm 3                 Week 4 – Rm 1 & 2          Week 5 – Rm 5      Week 6 – Rm 4     

Week 7 – Rm 3               Week 8 – Rm 1 & 2          Week 9 – Good Friday

Week 10 – Rm 5              Week 11 - Rm 4

(These may change – check your child’s homework book etc.)


The Family/Whanau Book can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF on Faith Alive website ( under the Families tab.


Lent is a season of the Church’s year that helps us to pray, reflect and do good things like fasting and making sacrifices so that we can come closer to Jesus. The season of Lent is a special time which lasts for 40 days. The forty days of Lent lead us to celebrate Holy Week and Easter. The Church chooses forty days because Jesus went into the desert for forty days and forty nights. There he prayed and fasted.

During the season of Lent we make special effort and time to do things we may not do as often as we should.

We pray

v Talking and listening to God

v Speaking to God in our own words

v  Praying the prayers of the Church community

v Going to Mass on Sundays or other days.

We fast

v Giving up foods we do not need

v Going without things we like but do not need

We give to those in need We make sacrifices

v Being kind to someone

v Doing what your parents say without arguing

v Being happy with things you have

v Not complaining

v Thinking of others before yourself.


Caritas’ Keep it Simple for Lent Action Plan

Take up the challenge during Lent this year. Display this Action Plan at home and try to achieve as many of the tasks as you can. Let’s live simply, and by making small changes to our daily actions, we can make a real difference in other people’s lives. We are encouraged to remember the millions of people in our world who struggle each day to meet their most basic needs.

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