A day in the life of a sausage sizzler…….

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A day in the life of a sausage sizzler…….

10.00am          The helper who is doing the “shopping” gives Jenni in the office a call to find out how many kids want to feast on a sausage for lunch!

Usually there are around 65 - 85 orders. That’s around ¾’s of our school !

11am               One of the helpers does the shopping

Shopping List: (please keep receipt for reimbursement)

      Hellers Pre cooked Sausages (all are gluten free) - buy enough for the order plus an extra 6-8 sausages.

      Fruit - usually a bag of apples, carrots and maybe something seasonal (ie. Pineapple, strawberries etc) 

      White Sandwich bread (usually 20 slices/bag, so buy enough bread for the sausage order- usually 4 bags)

 Check in with Jenni to make sure there are serviettes and sauces as well. If there is not enough - add to the shopping list.

We usually go to Pak n Save at Northlands and almost every week either the 1 or 2kg bags of sausages will be on special. Try to get the ones on special as these make a huge difference in overall cost (Up to $20)

11.30am          Get to school, turn on the oven to heat, load up trays of sausages chop up the fruit. Pop sausages in before 11.45am. The sausages usually take 20 mins to cook. Turn the oven off and let them stay warm until around 12.25pm.

Lunch is at12.30pm. Load up the table outside the office.

The kids love the popped sausages (nicknamed “Crusty ones”)

A teacher will help mark the kids off the list and they line up nicely and LOVE getting their sausage! It is so nice to see how happy they are to get a sausage for lunch!

12.45pm         Tidy up the kitchen and you are done! Thanks for helping!!!!


General FAQ’s


How long does it really take to help out?

The person who is buying the food needs to have 30 minutes to do the shopping, then around 1 hour and a quarter at school for cooking and serving. So, not even two hours!

The second helper only needs to arrive at school, so all it takes is just over an hour of your time.


Gluten free considerations

As all the sausages are gluten free it is OK to cook them all together.

When they have finished cooking - remove however many sausages are requested as Gluten Free and move this to a small clean pan/dish. When serving these sausages, pick them up with a serviette and hand to the children that way so there is no risk of contamination.


How do you pay for the shopping?

The shopper pays for the groceries - make sure you print out a full receipt at the checkout. At school, give the receipt to Jenni in the office and she will reimburse you in cash. On the odd occasions if there is not enough cash on hand to reimburse you, an electronic transfer reimbursement will be processed in the next few days.


What and how many sausages should I purchase?

The sausages come in bags or 12 or 24. It is always better to have a few too many than a few too less! Eg, if we have 70 sausages ordered, getting 72 sausages probably isn’t enough for those just in case situations. So grab another bag. You can always cook half a bag and put the other half bag in the freezer for the next week.


The whole tray exploded and all the sausages are crusty and split open?

Don’t worry!! These are actually the children's favourites! And, another bonus, that crusty split it a great space to squirt in the sauce!


What do you do with left over cooked sausages?

Eat them! If you want to, or give them to the teachers. Usually there is only 2 - 4 left max, we usually just leave these in the staff room in case a teacher is hungry or it turns out a student missed out or forgot their lunch.

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