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Cyber Safety Information for Parents

At St Albans Catholic School we endeavour to maintain cybersafety culture in keeping with the school’s Special Character as well as following legislative and professional guidelines.
The school’s computer network, its website, internet access facilities, computers and other school ICT equipment and devices support and enhance the teaching and learning programme at St Albans Catholic School and is for educational purposes only.
All students are issued with an annual Cybersafety User Agreement Form. Once signed consent has been returned to the school, students will be able to use the school’s ICT equipment and devices.
The school uses filtering software to restrict access to certain sites and data, including email. We also monitor material sent and received on the school’s ICT network.

Parent Information Evening
Resources from the Information evening we held on Wednesday 12 August.
The speaker was Janelle Rikki from Core Ed.
Click on the image, let it load and then click on present in the top right corner to view the slides Janelle showed.

You may have seen the advertisment on tv.

Below are links to websites about cybersafety that you and your children can explore together


Hector's World of Learning and Cyber Safety
Here, Hector and his friends learn about ICT
(information and communication technology)
and how to become confident and responsible digital citizens

The Adventures of the Three CyberPigs
children how to surf safely on the Net, and particularly
how to spot and navigate around Internet marketing
ploys and exploring the world of online chatrooms.

Who is anonymously posting bad reviews about “Animal Idol” contestant Nermal?


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