Faith Facts: Term 4 Week 1 and 2

Published on Wednesday, 24 October 2018, 11:42 a.m. Print Article



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Monday 15 October - Friday 19 October

October - the month of the Rosary! Yes, we associate the month of October with the recitation of the Rosary. At this link to the Food for Faith site, Father John O’Connor explains in simple detail what we mean by ‘praying the Rosary’. Father John explains that “The Rosary is not a prayer to Mary but a prayer alongside Mary, enjoying her intercession on our behalf while together centering our focus on the life of Christ.” Read and find out more by clicking this link!


Monday 22 October - Friday 26 October

Have you heard what is happening in Rome at the moment? There is a meeting called the Synod of Bishops being held from the 3rd-28th October.  It is focussed on young people. Bishop Steve Lowe, the Bishop of Hamilton will attend the Synod on behalf of the New Zealand Bishops’ Conference. Bishop Steve said, “taking care of young people in our Church is an integral part of its vocation and mission...I want them [young people of Aotearoa New Zealand] to know I will carry their voices with me on this journey.”  Pope Francis has written a prayer for young people.

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